Bintangmas Cahaya Internasional

The Hazardous Waste Collecting & Utilization Company

About Us

PT. Bintangmas Cahaya Internasional which has been established since the year 2000 constitutes the means we using to overcome and avoid environmental damages, particularly hazardous waste.

Waste Management Hierachy

The best hazardous waste management have to be planed when factory will be built that using environment friendly materials which nor hazardous materials to choose the efficient way for destroying hazardous waste when it can not be reused.
PT. Bintangmas Cahaya Internasional is using 5R base in hazardous waste management.

Company Philosophy

Our company-oriented and friendly to the environment by upholding business ethics and togetherness is also consistent and committed in taking action to achieve efficiency and innovation in our work. The management of our bases are 5R.
We are always responsive to the needs of industrial growth and technology in achieving the best results.

Negative Impact

Many negative impacts of mismanagement of hazardous and toxic waste including used lubricating, including: Inhibiting oxygen diffusion into the water and soil, inhibiting water penetration into the soil, killing water and soil microorganism, volatile organic compound, halogenated, hydrocarbons and heavy metals are toxic to people and animals.